These feet are made for walking…

Monday Morning Fitness Challenge

These feet are made for walking…this week, count your steps every day. A healthy person takes 10,000 steps per day…yes thats a lot. Take the stairs, walk to the mailbox, get up every hour and walk down the hall. Do

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How To Include Fitness in Your Back to School Routines

back to school fitness routines

The leaves are changing, summer is over, and it’s time to go back to school. But in all the chaos of establishing a routine and getting yourself or your kids off to school, a workout is often the first thing

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Five S.M.A.R.T Summer Fitness Tricks

summer fitness smart tips

Summer fitness is challenging.  To keep your workouts going strong all summer long, remember to follow these S.M.A.R.T. tips! Stretch – the warm and balmy days of summer may make it feel like your muscles are already warm, but stretching

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Summer Fitness Ideas

summer fitness

The weather is warming up, which means new ways to get that heart rate up too! With the summer months comes endless opportunities to exercise – whether you’re chilling at home or jet setting around the world, there’s always a

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Spring is Here – Get Fit with Tabata

Body Go Fitness - Get Fit with Tabata

Spring is here and so is some fitness motivation! Whether you are working on your bikini body or just want to get in shape for your favorite summertime outdoor activities, the gym is calling. After a long winter spent with

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Summer Fitness Routines

summer fitness routines

What’s in for 2015? From Surfing to Body Weight Training, the summer is shaping up to be a fun rollercoaster of active pursuits. While working with a trainer will still show the best results, in-between workouts are essential to being

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Spring Fitness

spring fitness body go fitness

  It’s Spring! Even if it doesn’t feel like it outside. Winter is generally a difficult time to stay motivated. Shorter days, colder temps and the lack of sun do not help. But Spring is here and below are some

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Ten steps that will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

resolutions with body go fitness

Resolutions. They are something a lot of people do at the New Year, but how many times do you actually accomplish your resolutions? If you suffer from a lack of self discipline, it’s probably safe to say you end up

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