January 11, 2015

Resolutions. They are something a lot of people do at the New Year, but how many times do you actually accomplish your resolutions? If you suffer from a lack of self discipline, it’s probably safe to say you end up stopping by February or March. If you resolved to be fit in 2015, here are some ideas to help it stick.

Make your resolutions reasonable. Losing 100 pounds is daunting task. Try lowering that number a little. It is healthy to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. 2 pounds a week in a year is 104 pounds. Okay, doable, maybe for some. However, losing weight is difficult. Realistic attitudes about losing weight can change your entire attitude. Try losing 20 pounds instead of 100 pounds. Then the pressure of not losing a pound or two one week will not completely stress you out.
Change the intention. Instead of losing weight for vanity reasons, try losing weight to get healthy. Give yourself another reason besides self esteem or beauty.
Make little changes for a big difference. DON’T swear off all sweets and fattening foods- first of all it never works! Even the best trainers I have ever known have cheat days. Making sweeping changes in your diet is the perfect way to set yourself up for failure. Instead, cut down on your sugar or give yourself one cheat day a week.
Cheat Day doesn’t mean go crazy. A little goes a long way with cravings. Giving yourself a cheat day isn’t an excuse to go crazy and eat five candy bars and three bags of chips. Eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch and then have a dinner or a dessert that you wouldn’t ordinarily have.
Joining the gym is great-getting a personal trainer is better. Gyms are a great backup plan. You need to work out more than the one to two days you spend with your trainer. The reason that going to the gym does not work for a lot of people is (unless you are extremely self disciplined,) you do not work out as hard as you do with a trainer. Injuries happen more frequently when you train by yourself.
Change your routine. Don’t just run or do yoga. Change it up. Boredom is the quickest way to talk yourself out of your weight-loss goals.
Don’t start on January 1st. Start before Christmas or after January 1st. Start today! The pressure to change is always strong at the beginning of the year, but if you start prior to January 1st you will be prepared for Christmas and the New Year. If you start after, there is the added bonus that the gym will not be overloaded and you will be able to get the equipment you want at the gym.
Don’t do fad diets. The reason that ‘results not typical’ is on most fad diets is because they DON’T work for most people. Studies show that making lifestyle changes like Weight Watchers is much better for you than fad diets. It lasts longer and there is tons of support.
And speaking of Weight Watchers…track what you eat. Did you know that most trainers can help you with your diet if you ask? Track what you eat and get input on ways that you can make your diet better. It’s about progress not perfection.
Plan ahead. Going out to eat? Try researching the menu before you go to the restaurant so you know what to eat. When you are hungry you are more prone to impulsive eating-you can plan for dessert as well! In fact, planning for dessert can actually help you balance your meal so you order appropriately and not blow your entire calorie count in one meal. Another tip? Put half your meal in the box BEFORE you eat.

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