March 31, 2015

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It’s Spring! Even if it doesn’t feel like it outside.

Winter is generally a difficult time to stay motivated. Shorter days, colder temps and the lack of sun do not help. But Spring is here and below are some tips to jump into Spring Fitness with both feet.

1. Step into some new spring workout clothes. New clothes always make you feel better. Bold colors and prints are the way to go this year. Here are some of our favorites:

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2. Spruce up your routine with some outdoor activities! Add some outdoors running or add some fun outdoor activities like kayaking. Plan now and put them on your calendar!
Need a few suggestions:

Rock climbing
Beach volleyball
3. Bring some color into your life with fruits and veggies! Eat all the colors. Red, purple, green.

4. Buy new running shoes.

5. Do your annual checkup. Spring cleaning for your body.

6. Clean out your refrigerator and fill it with all the fruits and veggies you are going to eat from #3.

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