summer sunday series


Make the most of your WORKOUT PROGRAM! Set aside the excuses, and join trainer Laura Washington in making this your fittest year ever!

Each weekly session will include:

* 10-minute stretching (supports mobility) and warm up sequence (slowly increases metabolism)

* 20-minute focused strength training (tone and builds muscles by targeting “trouble” areas)

* 30-minute workout – circuit training (burn fat, increase strength and endurance)

* 10-minute cool down and stretching (aids in a quick recovery)

* Nutrition and fitness lifestyle tips along the way!

Program Description

$195.00 for a 10 Week Series

Laura is a certified personal trainer and NESTA-certified weight management coach who uses strength and agility training, muscle toning and fat loss techniques in order for her clients to reach new goals and achieve success.

She has worked with a wide-range of individuals looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. From competitive adult athletes to school-aged children Laura has the knowledge and training to tailor a workout to suit a person’s unique needs.

Laura is on a mission to teach you everything you need to know to become that stronger, leaner individual that EVERYONE has lurking inside of them!

Let’s get Slayed!

Strong, Lean, Agile…Yeah!